Rosenthal are embracing miniature with a collection of its most popular vases in mini sizes.

Twelve shapes in six different colors will make the hearts of design enthusiasts beat faster. Matt porcelain meets silky touch – the minis lie well in the hand and come in strong colors as soloists or ensembles in any interior.

The new models feature the following designs: “Skum” (Shade: Cameo, Vase 10 cm), “Phi” (Shade: Sea Salt, Vase 10 cm), “Squall” (Shade: Abyss, Vase 11 cm), “Hop” (Shade: Cameo, Vase 10 cm), “Surface” (Shade: Lava, Vase 9 cm), “Falda” (Shade: Sea Salt, Vase 10 cm), “La Chute” (Shade: Pacific, Vase 10 cm),

“Paperbag vase” (Shade: Fossil, Vase 9 cm), “Fast” (Shade: Abyss, Vase 10 cm), “Core” (Shade: Lava, Vase 10 cm), “Plissée” (Shade: Pacific, Vase 8 cm), “Pacco Bello” (Shade: Fossil, Vase 11 cm).

Tableware International

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