Rosenthal’s famed décor Maria – first produced more than 100 years ago – is as popular now as it was when it was first made.

Pale Mint and Pale Orchid highlight Maria’s intricate detailing

In 2022, the contemporary Maria en Vogue became available in Pale Mint and Pale Orchid coloured glazes.

Rosenthal says the delicate pastel colourways emphasise the romantic vintage touch of the collection’s shape and can be perfectly combined with Maria in white.

The most recent Dream Blue colourway

Most recently, in 2023, the collection became available in a Dream Blue colourway. Rosenthal tells us the blue shade “draws on influences from fashion and the elegant interiors of the past, giving the geometric shape a captivating look”.

Maria is one of Rosenthal’s most classic services. For generations, it was the porcelain service choice for weddings and festive occasions. The original model was a silver teapot with a matching milk jug and sugar bowl from around 1815. This service was named after Philipp Rosenthal’s second wife and great love, Maria.

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