The Carrol Boyes brand has extended its Sketchbook collection with an array of new pieces from salad bowls to a teapot.

Tea time has been given some extra oomph with a selection of new products such as the It’s a Secret teapot. A fine addition to the Sketchbook range, its characterised by its gloss finish and delicate appearance, the signature sketch sits on either side of the 1.4l capacity tea pot.

It’s a Secret teapot
It’s a Secret salad bowl

The Eye for Detail low bowl is a stylish option for dinnertime. Made from porcelain and completed with a gloss polish. Ideal for serving a variety of dishes, from pastas to salads and more! The low bowl also comes in the It’s a Secret motif, as does the new porcelain salad bowl which is also available with the Let’s Fact It motif.

Eye for detail low bowl

Meanwhile, the Face Facts milk jug is a fine addition to your teatime tray. Crafted from porcelain with a glossy finish, this elegant yet practical jug is ideal for stylishly dispensing milk. This is nicely complemented by the Eye for Detail sugar bowl.

Face Facts milk jug
Eye for Detail sugar bowl

Carrol Boyes created all her sculptures from drawings accumulated in her archive of sketchbooks. For many years these drawings have been her personal works of reference attesting to her passion for sketching the human body. On an inspirational trip to Paris, her family encouraged her to make these remarkable sketches public.

Endless hours were spent going through her books, some dating back 30 years, to bring her art to life in a ceramic range. Images straight from Carrol’s sketchbooks adorn a clean white backdrop of collectable porcelain. Carrol intended for her pieces to be enjoyed daily, on both formal and casual occasions, allowing every collector to enjoy truly functional art within their homes. The new additions in the collection are designed to be enjoyed during tea times, breakfasts, brunch and more.

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