Cumbria Crystal has released a new collection inspired by King Charles and his love of nature. The Sovereign collection boasts an intricate and detailed floral pattern with craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Sovereign stemware has a floral-inspired design wrapped around its core which reaches across the foot of the glass, in two places, earthing its conceptual connection with nature.

The martini glass

Eight hand-cut flutes radiate up the stem into the base of the bowl, adding an extra degree of sparkle and sophistication to each item in the Sovereign stemware collection.

The collection includes a wine glass; coupe; martini; old fashioned tumbler; highball; ice cooler large bowl and will soon be joined by a cocktail shaker.

The gin glass

Using the Coronation emblem as inspiration, Sovereign was designed by Cumbria Crystal’s master cutter, Jitka Wilcox. The emblem pays tribute to King Charles III’s love of the natural world, unifying the flora of the four nations of the United Kingdom.

The design of Sovereign includes the delicate meadow flower, daisy, connected as a crown by intricate stems decorated with leaves.

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