The iconic Nymphenburg brand has partnered with designer Hella Jongerius on an inventive new project ­– Generation T – which sees fresh life breathed into old porcelain.

The designer has created two new décors for Nymphenburg which can be applied to old pieces.

The radical “Dripping” décor is provocative – with blue, black or golden drops that form long streaks. Underneath them, the meticulously painted scattered flowers disappear like unpleasant memories. At the same time, the drops symbolise water. Water that nourishes and gives new life.

Weeds and Dripping have been designed by Hella Jongerius

“Weeds”, on the other hand, are free spirits that cover up coveted cultivated plants in nature. With solid and hatched lines, Jongerius’ fantasy weeds proliferate seemingly uncontrollably over the edges of plates as fine outline drawings. They give courage. Courage that something new is emerging, especially now, when even small things in nature play a big role.

Now, Nymphenburg porcelain that has been donated, inherited or purchased on the second-hand market can be painted with one of Hella Jongerius’ newly created designs.

The new decors breath fresh life into old tableware

Nymphenburg tell us Generation T stands for tradition, transformation and tableware and is an initiative by them and the designer against the waste of valuable resources – material and human.

Meanwhile, as part of the project, the ‘Phoenix – reborn beauty’ exhibition has been held in Munich before soon moving on to Berlin. Porcelain pieces from Nymphenburg are at the heart of the exhibit. Some were inherited, others given away, others bought at the second-hand market.

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