RAK Porcelain has reimagined traditional terracotta and clay pottery with one of its latest collections. Using an exclusive, patented, matte glazing process developed by the RAK Porcelain Research and Development department in Ras-Al-Khaimah (UAE), the RAK Earth collection gives off the appearance of authentic terracotta and clay while keeping the smooth non-porous surface and mechanical resistance of porcelain.

With its natural resistance to thermal shocks and its special polishing to ensure optimal comfort, RAK Earth is perfectly suited for the use in the hotel and restaurant industry. The range consists of four series; Tero, Argila, Baantna and Ghera which feature in total 94 different products with each one of them being available in a variety of hand-applied décors thus offering in total 612 different tableware options.

RAK Earth’s Tero, Argila and Ghera

Tero is available in plain terracotta with eight different designs while Argila exists in plain clay and nine different designs. Both series include a variety of round flat and round coupe plates, oval platters and presentation plates, bowls, cups and matching saucers.

Baantna, meanwhile, was created with both conviviality and heritage in mind. While the series has been inspired by the Indian way of eating, its thali trays and handi bowls are not exclusive to Indian cuisine. The series exist in the colours of Tero and Argila and consists of one thali tray, three thali bowls, four handi bowls and two casserole dishes.

RAK Earth’s Baantna

Finally, Ghera shows off a dark matte exterior reminiscent of volcanic rock and a glossy black interior. The dark aesthetic of this series is optimal to highlight culinary creations and also allows for striking colour pairings when combined with Tero and Argila. Ghera’s range includes extra deep round plates, bowls, ramekins, salt and pepper shakers and a flower vase.


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