Rosenthal’s Junto collection has a new colourway – Dune, a calm, understated beige that speaks of sun-drenched landscapes and hot sand.

The specially developed colour glaze perfectly showcases the stoneware and gives the plates, mugs, along with the various bowls and dishes a unique colour blend.

Dune is a calm, understated beige

Each plate has an original colour pattern on the inside and an authentic, rough surface on the outside. Soft beige blends into warm shades of brown and caramel on the cups and bowls, which are glazed inside and out, giving free range to creative table settings.

Junto Dune can be mixed well with the porcelain colours Opal Green or Ocean Blue, but also matches perfectly with Soft Shell.

Vases in three different sizes complete the collection

There are also vases in three sizes, and a candle holder, available – not just in the new colourway – but also in the popular aquamarine shade.

The series will be available from May 2023 in selected stores and online at

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