The New York Tabletop Show opens 18 April through to 21 April – we highlight some key exhibitors  

At the NY Tabletop Show, Orrefors will be presenting Reed (pictured above), designed by Swedish designer Monica Förster. The collection creates a sense of organic movement by emphasising folds with a quiet swaying in the hard glass. The vase is blown in clear crystal and a moss-green colour.

More Martini glass from Orrefors

Also from Orrefors, the More Martini glass is a classic v-shaped glass that fits all types of cocktails such as Dry Martini and Cosmopolitan. Designed by the Swedish stemware designer Erika Lagerbielke.

By the same designer, the More Nick & Nora glass is a classic old school martini glass. The model is popular in bars around the world and goes well with drinks such as Martini, Cosmopolitan and Manhattan.

Speaking about why the NY Tabletop Show is so important, Emon Maasho, CEO, Orrefors & Kosta Boda North America told Tableware International, “As two world-leading crystal brands with a heritage in Swedish design and craftsmanship, the New York Tabletop Show is a possibility to reach further and increase the knowledge of our extraordinary history and brands to a broader audience. In addition, we want to share our unique, sustainable, and high-quality products, broadening our outreach even more in North America. Both brands have decades of experience. Kosta Boda, established in 1742, reaches 281 years of excellent craftsmanship in 2023. For Orrefors, this year is an essential milestone in the brand’s history. A celebration honoring 125 years of influential Scandinavian design, having the first furnace ignited in 1898.  All products launched by the two brands in 2023 bear distinctiveness, creativity, and craftsmanship – qualities that make Orrefors and Kosta Boda exceptional.”

Kosta Boda’s playful Rocky Baroque

Meanwhile from Kosta Boda, the Rocky Baroque collection is a playful remix of the classical column. Monumental contours meet raw, jagged surfaces in this collection of candle holders.

Another offering is Bod which consists of decorative bottles in different colours and sizes. The collection plays with the language of glass; there’s no other material that behaves this way, and Bod is born out of working with and following the material.

Find them: Floor 9, NY Tabletop Show, 41 Madison

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