Rosenthal has added new items to its iconic TAC assortment. The Bauhaus style service originally designed by  Walter Gropius is being expanded with new porcelain forms.

A new plate and bowl has been added to the TAC series

In the spirit of the visionary architect, the new all-round plate and the versatile salad bowl embody the understated elegance and material purism, but at the same time ensure optimum functionality in keeping with the zeitgeist of the new dining culture.

The new all-round plate is neither flat nor deep, nor is it a bowl – rather it is a vessel that meets people’s needs and, above all, their changing eating habits with a modern, well thought-out design concept in the way of Rosenthal.

TAC embraces minimalism

The multifunctional bowl is likewise a suitable salad bowl for all kinds of salads all year round due to its shape and size. Reduced to the essentials, the new vessel composition is the epitome of minimalism, it conveys balance in a fast-paced world overloaded with things and also draws attention to conscious consumption.

The new series is available from April 2023 in selected stores and online at

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