Villeroy & Boch
  • Consolidated revenue rises 5.2 % to € 994.5 million (previous year: € 945.0 million)
  • EBIT improves by 7.0 % to € 96.8 million (previous year: € 90.5 million)
  • Group result up significantly year-on-year at € 71.5 million (previous year: € 60.5 million)
  • The Dining & Lifestyle Division generated revenue of € 329.4 million in the 2022 financial year, up € 16.7 million

Consolidated revenue: € 994.5 million

In the 2022 financial year, the Villeroy & Boch Group generated consolidated revenue (incl. licence income) of € 994.5 million. This represented an increase of € 49.5 million or 5.2 % on the previous year and was in part due to higher sales prices.

EBIT: €96.8 million

The Group generated EBIT of € 96.8 million in the 2022 financial year, up 7.0 % on the same period of the previous year (€ 90.5 million). This earnings growth was due to the additional revenue generated and the resulting € 7.4 million increase in the absolute gross margin.

Group result: €71.5 million

The Group result for the 2022 financial year amounted to € 71.5 million. This represents a substantial increase of € 11.0 million or 18.2 % on the figure for the previous year.

Development in the divisions

The Bathroom & Wellness Divisiongenerated revenue of € 661.9 million in the 2022 financial year, up € 32.5 million or 5.2 % on the previous year. Pleasingly, revenue growth was generated in almost all business areas.

The Dining & Lifestyle Division generated revenue of € 329.4 million in the 2022 financial year, up € 16.7 million or 5.3 % on the previous year. The division significantly increased revenue with its retail outlet partners (€ +11.6 million or +13.0 %) and with its own retail stores (€ +7.8 million or +8.3 %) compared with the previous year. In addition to this growth, the e-commerce business consolidated after the COVID- 19 restrictions expired, but was still well above pre-crisis levels.


Investments in property, plant and equipment and intangible assets amounted to € 36.7 million in total in the 2022 financial year (previous year: €32.8million). 57 % of this investment was attributable to Germany (previous year: 33 %). At € 25.6 million or 69.8 %, investments primarily concentrated on the Bathroom & Wellness Division. Investment activity focused on the modernisation and automation of production at the locations in Germany and abroad, particularly the ceramic ware plants in Hungary and Romania and the furniture plants in Treuchtlingen, Germany, and Austria. € 11.1 million was invested in the Dining & Lifestyle Division, corresponding to 30.2 % of the total investment volume. New machinery and tools were acquired for production at the Merzig and Torgau plants. In addition, investments were made in the ongoing optimisation of the retail network, including renovating and opening stores.


At the General Meeting of Shareholders on 21 April 2023, the Supervisory Board and the Management Board will propose that the unappropriated surplus of Villeroy & Boch AG be used to distribute a dividend of € 1.20 per preference share and € 1.15 per ordinary share.

Assessment of the company’s position

The Management Board of Villeroy & Boch AG considers the economic position of the Group to be positive. The Villeroy & Boch Group brought the 2022 financial year to a successful close despite the challenging environment. The revenue and EBIT targets for the 2022 financial year and the planned return on net operating assets were achieved.

The Group expects global economic growth to be weak on the whole in 2023. The war in Ukraine and the interest rate hikes by central banks to combat inflation are continuing to stifle economic activity. However, global inflation is expected to decline. Economic performance in the euro area is likely to be moderate, with the German economy set to deteriorate considerably.

Based on the expected economic environment, the goal for the 2023 financial year is to achieve organic growth in consolidated revenue of between 4 % and 7 %, mainly due to an increase in sales prices. The Group expects its operating EBIT to remain at the prior-year level.

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