The winner of innovation award is PATRA Porcelain – Honour Collection

Porcelain tableware specially designed to HONOUR our senior citizens and people with physical limitations.

With over four years of research and development, it aimed at helping the elderly enjoy happier living in their day-to-day lives. Eating is one of the basic daily routines that we should all be able to do for ourselves, while enjoying the food. Yet with increasing age the elderly has to face with various physical limitations, and can have difficulties with such everyday activities as picking up cups, dishes and utensils. The design has been based on calculations made around mobility issues and also storage. Each bowl is raised in the middle, which allows the food to fall to the side and is perfectly curved for easy, almost effortless scooping even with one hand. The plates are stackable and fit easily into a confined space or onto a trolley used in hospital settings. Each holds an appropriate portion size for an elder, with a spill-proof feature and easy-to-clean material while also microwave oven proof.

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“An impressively
non-stigmatising design”

The phenomenon of aging society occurs in many countries around the world and that the elderly encountered various health problems contributing to movement dysfunction such as low visual indication, tremors and muscle rigidity. These physical conditions eventually ruin their mental health, including loss of appetite as well as independence. HONOUR is an ideal solution to all elderly dietary problems.
HONOUR is designed with an assistive and functional design of 12 items, featuring ergonomic mugs suitable for both right- and left-handed people, curved plates for effortless scooping, and stackable bowls with multi-purpose lids in four colour sets, that are linked to psychological improvements. White set makes products clean and easy to use. While Red and yellow increase appetite, and blue is suitable for users with visual impairment.

Innovation PATRA PORCELAINHonour Collection

All three bowls have scooping curve function to help elderly to easily scoop their food using one hand. While all plate and bowl covers have foot stacks, which allows for easy, secure and neat stacking. Caregivers can serve many stackable dishes on a tray and fits well into a trolley. Lock function minimises storage space and each container’s portion size perfectly fits in the tray slot. Lids can be used as an extra plate for desserts and fruits or a coaster for bowl. They also have a unique spill-proof feature that prevents the elderly from spilling when scooping their soup or rice.

HONOUR is Thailand’s first porcelain product specially designed for people at hospitals and retirement homes. The shiny material has a higher level of heat resistance and density with lower porosity than plastic. It is completely bacteria-free, scratch-resistant and microwave-friendly. And it will reduce plastic usage to prevent climate change. This collection is the company’s way of giving back to the society, reinforcing their tagline “We Make Good Life Possible”.

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