And the winner for Fine Dinnerware is Sieger by Fürstenberg

Fine Dinnerware Michael Sieger, Siger by Furstenberg

The new manufacture service MY CHINA! Paraíso from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG is like a journey to a place you long to visit – an homage to the beauty of the earth, the richness of nature and the diversity of cultures.


With imaginative designs and lots of colour, the dinner service brings all the world’s continents to the table. To tell tales of distant lands, designer Michael Sieger paired Asian peonies with traditional Mallorcan weave patterns, Portuguese-inspired designs or tropical plants. The collection comprises 35 pieces. The plates, bowls, cups and accessories are handcrafted and decorated with exquisite precision by Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG.

Our panel says:
“One of the most exciting decorations in a long time. The eye for detail is the best in the business. Geometric prints combined with the vibrancy of nature is wonderful. Daring yet timeless. Functional yet elegant”

Exceptionally versatile, they have wafer-thin walls with a thickness of around just two-and-a-half millimetres. Like other decors for the MY CHINA! service, Paraíso is dishwasher-safe and highly functional. The diameters and dimensions of the pieces are precisely coordinated, allowing them to be flexibly arranged in different combinations’

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