Hall 12.1, B80

Målerås Glasbruk has collaborated with designer Klaus Haapaniemi on a new collection which tells an intriguing story. Deep in the Småland forest, by the glow of the glassworks’ furnace, creatures from folklore come to life.

Målerås Glasbruk has long been famous for its crystal wildlife and mythical sculptures, and now Klaus Haapaniemi will introduce his mystical world of images in the finest of crystal. Animals and creatures from folklore, imaginatively decorated in clear colours, now join the rich and plentiful fauna at Målerås. Decorative items with a strong appeal and charisma, which in themselves convey a whole world of their own, are characteristic traits typical of Målerås Glasbruk.

“We have long been looking for a designer with the right type of imagery, someone with an individual form of expression and a sense of details, and with Klaus we have found exactly that!” says Ida Jonasson at Målerås Glasbruk. See the collection at Ambiente.


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