Hall 11, E71

As a long-time participant of Ambiente, Luzerne is delighted to once again share its latest and most ravishing collections at this mega exposition in 2023 where leading trends and unique concepts take shape.

In the upcoming edition, Luzerne has assembled a dining table replete with new collections that will fit any occasion – from those inspired by nature to a brand-new stoneware range that’s set to take centre stage.

The celebratory ensemble of collections begins with LEK, a new stoneware line from the brand that brought you award-winning ceramic tableware to complete the Everyday Best experience even in the humble kitchen. Inspired by the Chinese word for “land” which also refers to the natural origin of its raw materials, LEK’s irregular shapes and earthy colours remind us of how we used to play with clay during our childhood – every piece tells a unique story as we manipulate the clay with our hands.

And joining LEK on the dining table are other new stoneware collections such as Ripple (pictured) and MOD. Ripple draws inspiration from nature and exudes an organic feel while MOD stands out with its industrial chic design and deep dusty colours. Kintji and Bliss will also be presented as new entries for the refined oriental table setting – the former is built on the philosophy of creating harmony and unity while the latter symbolises wholeness and balance. Dune will then complete the repertoire with its thick sturdy rims that accentuate the design’s contours…truly a beauty in the sandstorm. And remember to keep a lookout for our fine dining setup as we assemble that Instagrammable moment with a host of gorgeous whiteware!


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