Gibson Homewares launched its most fashion-forward designs at the recent New York Tabletop Show. Bands of Color is a line of high-trend dinnerware being developed by senior vice president of creative Laurie Gates and his team.

“Everything we brought to New York is based on trends we see emerging in 2023 and 2024,” said Gates. “We try to work at least 18 months ahead of what’s trending in the US market right now.”

Bands of Color draws from a color pallet, rather than being restricted by a uniform design scheme.

The collection was inspired by a trip to Paris

“It’s a mix-and-match collection where no two pieces are perfectly alike, but everything goes together perfectly,” Gates said.

Even the mugs and vessels are different sizes.

The Bands of Color concept pushes home fashion with undulating aqua and earth tones that tie the collection together. It was inspired by Gates’ recent trip to Paris.

“The flowing streets in Paris are all connected,” Gates recalled, “So you can just wander around and see the little pop-ups that appear around the city’s top design schools.”

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