An online event looking at the HoReCa industry will be hosted by Ambiente organisers this October.

On 12 October, five internationally renowned hospitality experts will report on food trends, the future of alternative food, hospitality and customer loyalty.

The programme begins at 4 p.m. (CET) with a short welcome by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. Immediately afterwards, Hanni Rützler will speak about “Future Food – How mankind will feed itself in the future”. In her lecture, the food trend expert from Austria will take the audience into the future and open up a strategic vision of alternative foods such as in-vitro meat and fish, insects and algae. In doing so, she provides answers to future nutrition-related questions and presents upcoming challenges.

At 16:45, the programme continues with US hospitality expert Anna Dolce and her talk “How to turn your guests into regular customers”. In her talk, Dolce, who has been in the hospitality industry for 20 years, explains why focusing solely on attracting new customers means businesses are slowly dying. She highlights the difference between attracting and retaining customers and explains how both aspects can work positively. She also explains how regular customers are be won and retained. 

“Emotion & Passion 360 Degrees” will be the topic from 5:15 p.m. with speaker Hubert Sterzinger. The German gastronomy and hotel designer and restaurateur has the motto: “start small, think big”. He enriches this motto in his lecture with emotion and passion. He also proves his opinion that the employee should always be the focus. Sterzinger also explains how to convince with a strong presentation.  

At the end of the online event, a special highlight will follow at 5:45 p.m. In the “Hospitality Trends Talk”, Jesper Efferbach, designer, influencer and consultant for the international tableware industry, Jeff&Co Group from Denmark, and Dave Turner, US journalist of TabletopJournal, will address current topics such as the effects of the global shortage of materials and personnel. On the other hand, aspects that are important in the daily hospitality business will be addressed, such as fine dining versus casual dining as well as seasonal adjustments and the various starting points for improving hospitality. The return to the new normal will also be addressed. 

The online event is primarily aimed at hospitality entrepreneurs, interior, ceramic, product and tabletop designers, buyers and manufacturers and provides valuable insights and industry-relevant news.

The lectures will be offered in German and English.

Pre-registration is required – once you have registered, you will automatically receive the dial-in link before the free event and can then take part in all the lectures. 

Click here for free registration:

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