Serax has produced a series of vases by celebrated British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi and his good friend, artist Ivo Bisignano. The Sicily assortment follows on from the popular Feast tableware line.

Inspired by Sicily where artist Ivo Bisignano is from, the vase collection is influenced by Testa di Moro – pots in the shape of a crowned head – which are found everywhere in Sicily from balconies to souvenir shops. They are based on an ancient legend and Bisignano gave it his own, slightly surrealistic twist: fish become pillars, lakes become fish, and mountains become kings and queens.

Regardless of the medium he works in, Bisignano’s art is honest, expressive, striking, cheerful and colourful. This is no different for the Sicily vases in hand-painted stoneware. Sicily captures Ottolenghi’s exuberant cooking style and is simultaneously an ode to the sun, colours and passion of Bisignano’s birthplace.

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