NUDE has collaborated with No.3 Gin to produce a martini glass for luxury lifestylers.

Developed using their respective scientific and design expertise, this bespoke glass has been specially created to keep liquid cooler for almost twice as long as a classic glass.

The exclusive new glassware is hand-blown from crystal and is a perfect balance of form and function, with a fine-rimmed bowl and elegantly slender stem to prevent the drink from warming. The subtle turquoise hue takes cues from and complements the No.3 bottle.

The martini glass was created to mark World Martini Day

The glass was created to mark World Martini Day which took place on 19 June and the limited-edition sets of two glasses are available via NUDE.

The science

Working with scientist Dr. Junfeng Yang, who specialises in mechanical engineering at University of Leeds, No.3 studied the heat transfer between plain and thick base martini glasses. A range of options were tested using computational fluid dynamics, which saw the martini stirred down over ice until chilled, each glass frozen, and then combined for testing at room temperature. As a result, the martini in a plain glass held its temperature for 3.4hours while that in a thick base glass held for 5.4hours – approximately 50 per cent longer – paving the way for a smarter design.

About the design

The NUDE design studio spent 10 months developing a design, testing 12 different versions before finalising the perfect glass. Every martini glass is hand blown and takes up to six hours to heat, work and cool, resulting in a unique vessel that is expertly crafted for pure perfection.

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