In focus: Nyphenburg’s CEO Anders Thomas talks to HoReCa

When three-star chef Jan Hartwig opened a pop-up restaurant in Nymphenburg’s manufactory, it was a collaboration borne from a passion for perfection. HoReCa learns more about this extraordinary union from Nymphenburg’s CEO Anders Thomas

Restaurant Jan was set up in Nyphenburg’s manufactory

Anders, how did the collaboration with 3-star chef Jan Hartwig came about?

Having the same passion and the same view on perfection, the collaboration with Jan Hartwig is a perfect match. Creating every meal or every plate from the raw materials is what we are all dedicated to. If you create a meal on such level there is not many choices in porcelain which share the same level of craftsmanship. This is the best food on the best porcelain!

Is this type of creative collaboration with chefs important to the manufactory?

Since Nymphenburg is creating everything with pure craftsmanship without any machinery we are always open to collaborations which we meet on the same eye level. Nymphenburg is specialised in custom-made orders due to our pure hand craft, so therefore, we share the same customer values.

Has it been a challenge to pull-off a pop-up restaurant of this calibre?

Nymphenburg has excellent porcelain and Jan Hartwig has excellent culinary expertise. What ingredients are missing? It has been a smooth path to make it happen.

A Nymphenburg collection is renowned for its quality but what is the most important to the brand – aesthetics or functionality?

A teapot must not drip, a vase should not fall over easily, but overall Nymphenburg has an aesthetic eye on everything which has been produced over the past 275 years. The aesthetics combined with the refinement of the Nymphenburg porcelain added with bespoke hand-painting is the key to longevity.

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