A new digital campaign titled “The Pleasure of Daring” created by Ginori 1735 to celebrate Easter has been ‘on air’ since Saturday 26 March.

Produced in collaboration with chef Marco Corradi, alias Marco Assaggia, the campaign features some amazing food installations that present ingredients from a new perspective.

Oriente Italiano, Oro di Doccia, Contessa, and the new Arcadia collection have all been used in the campaign

A contemporary cuisine, rich in evocative suggestions and endowed with an intrinsic power of seduction, springs to life on the iconic collections of Ginori 1735: Oriente Italiano, Oro di Doccia, Contessa, and the new Arcadia collection.

Colourful, surreal, and instinctive images enhance Marco Assaggia’s culinary universe, combining tradition and modernity, recollections, and experimentation.

A visual recount that plays an ironic and sensitive tribute to a culinary philosophy born of tradition and nurtured by constant evolution. A perfect marriage between opulence and simplicity, between the recollection of “home” cooking flavours and the modern-day propensity for daring.

“The Pleasure of Daring” campaign is visible from Saturday 26 March on social channels and on the Ginori 1735 website, www.ginori1735.com.

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