A finalist in the Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022 Serveware category, we look at Julia Knight’s Astra Collection…

The Astra Collection is the perfect blend of Julia Knight style with the simplicity of line and design for every day, modern living. This collection is inspired by celestial bodies and their sweeping arcs in the night sky. The sand cast aluminium border and sides of each bowl echo this arcing grace with panels that meet and sweep together towards the base.

Astra is a finalist in the serveware category

Each piece is finished with mother or pearl infused enamel. The Astra Collection is built for entertaining and collecting! Each colour comes in graduated sizing so you can have every option within arm’s reach (and they store beautifully nested in a minimal footprint). This collection will soon be your new go-to – your favourite piece in the pantry – as you use Astra for years to come.

Judge’s Comment: “Julia Knight’s beautiful Astra collection is both fresh and functional. The shapes and sizes make it perfect for so many uses and the set doesn’t take up much space when storing, though I don’t know why anyone would ever want to store them”


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