WMF Professional is presenting an all-new Synergy porcelain collection and Style Lights mixed material range which combines multi-functionality and flexibility.

Compatible with the most diverse styles, a whole range of fascinating products has been
created for everything a hotel, restaurant, or catering operation needs to present food in a
spectacular way and achieve a wonderful ambiance for guests.

Porcelain articles from Synergy are modern, clear, and geometrically balanced. Meanwhile,
the latest trends are reflected in Style Lights, where contemporary shapes, colours, materials, and surfaces are on display. With the intriguing material combination of ceramics, glass, wood, marble, and cast iron, Style Lights and Synergy porcelain inspire even more special moments.

www.bauscherhepp.com  (BauscherHepp is WMF Professional’s US distributor)


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Bonner Mesopotamia Collection