LSA International has introduced its SS22 collection, designed, the company says, to bring people together.

“We intend for each piece in the collection to be used, shared and appreciated over time, and simultaneously communicate skilled craftsmanship and high quality, sustainably sourced raw materials. It demonstrates the versatility of mouth-blown glass, whilst modern shapes in tactile materials have been carefully designed to enhance occasions. Angular wine glasses with finely drawn stems have been inspired by urban living, bespoke moulds create new porcelain tableware designs for everyday, and hand- finished contemporary serveware pieces pair conscientiously sourced materials,” the company states.

So, let’s meet the collection:



A contemporary collection of heavy based vases with softly square, cubed and rectangular shaped profiles. Fill with a handful of architectural stems, add a posy of freshly cut flowers from the garden or simply place on a shelf or tabletop for a sculptural detail.

The clear or cased-coloured glass is expertly blown by master glass blowers into wooden moulds and shaped by artisans to create each organically shaped vessel. The rims are scissor cut — the most skilled of finishing techniques — creating a final form that is thick, round and soft.



This comprehensive collection of new tableware designs combines high quality mouth-blown glass with porcelain and FSC-certified natural oak. The contemporary pieces for serving, storage and display can be used for both dining and hosting alike — from handled racks for toast and condiment sets for the table to bread baskets and oak-lidded containers.

The raw materials used to create each porcelain piece are shaped in bespoke moulds, with a two- stage firing process that imparts strength and translucence to each. The glass is mouth-blown by skilled glassblowers, whilst the sustainably sourced natural oak is cut to shape and sanded by hand for a refined finish.



A collection of mouth-blown vases and lanterns characterised by stacked, geometric shapes — inspired by postmodern architecture. Skilfully mouth-blown in clear, cased slate grey or cased chalk white glass, which is achieved by encasing coloured glass within a layer of clear before blowing. The rims of each are cut and polished, creating a striking linearity — subtly adding to the modernity. Asymmetric in form and unmistakably contemporary, the sculptural pieces may be used for flowers and foliage, or simply displayed as a statement object in the home.



Inspired by the unique contours of tagine dishes, this three-piece collection of glass domes has been mouth-blown into distinctly different shapes — one curved, one bell-shaped and one conical. The long, tapered handles create silhouettes that are seamless and contemporary. Each dome sits on a base of natural oak that has been sourced from sustainably managed European forests, before being sanded by hand to offer a finish that is soft and smooth.



Complementing the collection’s existing range of classic vases, an assortment of round and kiln shaped pieces are new to FLOWER this season. Timeless in profile and in a versatile range of sizes, each item has been skilfully mouth-blown and finished by hand. The contemporary forms with narrow, rounded openings have been designed for effortless stem arranging, and can be used to accommodate flowers and foliage year-round.



A collection of drinkware for wine, designed for bringing people together over an impromptu evening glass or a shared carafe. Each elegant and contemporary piece, from flutes and saucers to wine glasses, is made with quality and care to enhance any occasion. Inspired by cosmopolitan culture and urban living, the pieces — created for both formal and casual settings — feature angular bowls and tall, finely drawn stems.



Inspired by the iridescent shimmer of a pearl, a series of lanterns and vases join this enduringly popular collection this season. The mother- of-pearl lustre has been applied to the mouth-blown glass by hand, enhancing the partial texture of each vessel.

Whether used for holding candles to add flickering ambience, or for careful arrangements of stems and foliage, PEARL evokes a luminous and delicate quality. Each vessel comes paired with a hand-poured pillar candle.



A distinctively designed trio of mouth-blown decanters with organic, bottle-shaped profiles and wooden stoppers. Designed for serving spirits, FLOAT pairs high-quality mouth- blown glass with FSC-certified oak, ash and walnut that has been carefully oiled for protection and longevity. The solid wood stoppers — sanded by hand to ovals — appear to float in the necks of the clear glass vessels.

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