Nude has launched its lightest stemware collection to date – Ghost Zero. Comprising of two designs – Tulip and Belly – the wine glass range promises to be Nude’s most advanced collection yet. Ghost Zero harnesses the expertise derived from Nude’s signature Stem Zero offering while applying the award-winning Ion Shielding Technology to its thinnest glass to date. Defined by its statuesque silhouette, Ghost Zero Tulip is expertly shaped to intensify aromas and notes through its curvaceous bowl and narrow rim. It’s available in red, white, champagne and tumbler styles to offer a holistic drinking experience.

Meanwhile, Ghost Zero Belly challenges conventions with its gently bulbous body and tapered rim resting atop a tall, slender stem. Its voluptuous design aerates the contents of the glass, amplifying the wine’s natural flavour. Carefully hand-crafted by skilled artisans, the design achieves a deceptively simple yet sophisticated style, available in red, white and tumbler designs.

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