Las Vegas Market is presenting three all-new trends in its proprietary First Look forecast – Forest, Preserve followed by Now Screening and Together – for the winter 2022 Las Vegas Market, which runs from 23 to 27 January 2022 at World Market Center Las Vegas.

The trends will come to life before and during the market via programming, vignettes, a guidebook and more.

“The winter 2022 First Look trends explore top-of-mind subjects – sustainability and the environment, the impact of technology and the importance of gathering again – and their influence on the products consumers will purchase for themselves, others and their homes,” says Dorothy Belshaw, executive vice president, chief customer and marketing officer. “Through First Look, Las Vegas Market transforms these high-level trends to actionable buying lists for retailers looking to maximize profits in 2022.”

The three winter 2022 First Look trends are:

  • Forest, Preserve: First Look ventures into the woods in search of hearty hues, captivating light effects and mindful rejuvenation. The result is Forest, Preserve, a reverential, grounded, and multi-sensory display of neutrals, fresh fragrances and simplicity. Colours that recall the dimly lit forest floor dominate — nutty browns, flinty stone, vermillion reds and subtleties such as mycelium, lichen, mushroom and bark. Bronze, brass and gold metal finishes, meanwhile, emit a comforting glow. Forest, Preserve honours renewal and growth and at the same time it calls attention to the planet’s fragile, vulnerable ecosystems.
  • Now Screening: Online identities, fantasy game worlds, virtual adventuring, collectible digital art – Now Screening blends physical and digital in a colour story that spans candy-crushing gaming hues to glowy neon brights. Now Screening flips the camera and brings on-screen hues to the physical world: power on, log in and be immersed in one of First Look’s most colourful presentations yet.
  • Together: Dining spaces and festive gatherings are focus areas for winter 2022, and for good reason: people are fearlessly celebrating again with family and friends. Together illustrates humanity — the desire for connection, celebration and kindness — while demonstrating the diversity of categories at Las Vegas Market. Housewares, dining and storage furniture, tabletop, seasonal, handmade and a full assortment of furnishings welcome one and all.

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