Denby Pottery has announced a new distributor for Benelux and France in the form of Clip Quality Brands.

The family-owned company is run by Björn and Ruchama Bakker and based in Nijkerk, central Netherlands.

Björn and Ruchama Bakker

Björn Bakker explains: “We appreciate Denby’s beautiful handcrafted artisan pottery which is produced by traditional techniques and made to last which will have a great appeal to our customers. At Clip Quality Brands we strive to have the highest quality and long-term relations with our customers and suppliers. We run a very efficient warehouse and deliver orders in 1-3 working days. All the products that we sell are in stock and we have the capacity to buy and store high stock quantities.”

Denby’s Jonathan Thornhill adds: “We were impressed with Clip Quality Brands on many levels but particularly appreciate their commitment to their customers and the brands they represent. And also, that they only work with sustainable products that are produced honestly.  Clip also carry this ethos through themselves by investing in green logistics, conserving energy and natural resources. Clip launched Denby at a trade show at their showroom in September and visitors saw Denby’s best-selling collections such as Halo and Halo Speckle, Studio Blue and Studio Grey and new Impression.”


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