Tableware International: HoReCa Edition is online now.

Tableware International Horeca Edition

The hospitality sector is keen to get back to business and we’re here to share what’s new and exciting in dinnerware, glassware, metals and more.

We hear from brands such as Dibbern, Bonna, Nikko, Utopia, Stoelzle and many more as they share new products, trends and collections. Distributors and manufacturers share their views in Trade Talk and we see dinnerware in action in restaurants from around the world in Top Tables.

Outdoor dining is more popular than ever this season and we uncover some key pieces to help venues cater to this growing trend. We also look at the latest products and ideas to assist with the increased hygiene demands facing HoReCa businesses big and small.

There is plenty to entice and inspire, so we hope you enjoy.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

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Bonner Mesopotamia Collection