NUDE has announced a new addition to its Stem Zero wineware range: Stem Zero Grace. This new vessel reinterprets the traditional wine glass into a finer, more elegant shape, channelling the sophistication and refinement synonymous with its Hollywood movie star namesake. The glass is available in three styles: a red wine, white wine and sparkling wine glass.

RED WINE GLASS:  The Stem Zero Grace Red Wine features a long, fine bowl designed to accentuate aroma and taste.

WHITE WINE GLASS: The slender, refined shape lends itself to light and medium bodied white wines.

SPARKLING WINE GLASS: The narrowed and delicate flute of this glass is designed to harness the bouquet aromas and refreshing bubbles of any vintage or natural sparkling wines.

The Stem Zero offering is made with NUDE’s ‘Ion Shielding Technology’, a surface modification technology where larger ions replace smaller ions in the glass surface, suppressing the micro-fissures that cause glass to crack. The result is incredibly tough, yet fine, lead-free crystal glass that will satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur.

Stem Zero Grace will be available from summer 2021.


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