In 2021 Arzberg introduces the new collection of Joyn Stoneware and Decors in Ash, Iron and Spark.

As if cut from sandstone into round shapes – the new Joyn Stoneware collection from Arzberg is the embodiment of warmth and naturalness. The stoneware with coloured inner glaze celebrates tapas and dining culture in the “Iron”, “Spark” and “Ash” décors. Calm, earthy colours of soft cream beige, matt brick red and shimmering anthracite grey create a relaxed effect and give the collection a handcrafted and uncomplicated style. The fine, roughened outer side of the items, recalling the pleasant feeling of pebbles, gives Joyn Stoneware a special handmade touch.

To create Joyn Stoneware, British designer Robin Levien was inspired by the “Oven-to-Table” principle of food serving and has developed a multifunctional collection that enhances a feeling of togetherness at the dining table – specially for this purpose Levien developed the “Sharing Bowl”, that should be passed around the table for everyone to help themselves. All glazed in shimmering anthracite, the tapas and soufflé bowls or ovenproof casserole dishes in two different sizes are ideal for cooking or baking together.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

Easily combined with the versatile Joyn porcelain collection, Joyn Stoneware creates with its mix of materials a harmonious and timeless look.


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