Tait is presenting its fresh, new collection to retail, bringing the inspirational, and aspirational, Italian lifestyle into homes. The company’s flair for colour and design remains the same, bolstered by this year’s collection theme“ the Mediterranean diet.

The collection’s exciting decor brings a freshness to the table, with Tait explaining the core values of Italian style and authenticity are central to the collections story.

The entire project includes three different collections, explains CEO Marina Vago, with the first to launch inspired by Italian vegetables, everything she says, from the collections shapes to colourways, are an expression of harmony and authenticity.

Much more than just a food style, the Mediterranean diet represents a cultural tradition and an important aspect of Italian culture and heritage, explains Marina. In 2010, the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Award helped to increase the popularity of the Mediterranean diet, and to make it synonymous with Italian lifestyle, from Europe to the United States to Japan. An expression not only of healthy nutritional principles, but also of a much broader concept of wellbeing, the Mediterranean diet includes the conviviality and great value of Italian cultural traditions, too.

Since the 1990s, Tait’s designs have actively been inspired by the Mediterranean diet easily seen through its collections“ these have been fully inspired by the food pyramid’s iconic elements and realised on a particularly valuable porcelain distinguished by an unmistakable “rusticated” effect.

One of the main features of the Tait Mediterranean diet collection is the synergy between form and content: despite the maximum versatility, each object has a decoration that “suggests” its use. The “embrace of radicchio and lettuce leaves, for example, turns a simple oval bowl into an irresistible salad bowl, Marina explains. The new collection introduces an evolution of this synergy, consistent with Tait’s mix and match principle, in addition to being individually usable, the different pieces join together chromatically and can be combined to give life to amazing table settings.

Tait’s Italian lifestyle, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, stands for a healthy and natural way of living and a model of sustainability.

Placed at the base of the food pyramid, vegetables, the main characters in the collection, play a fundamental role in our nutrition, says Marina. They help strengthen our immune system, and they are among the groceries which have the lowest environmental impact. High-quality porcelain is a durable material, and its beauty is emphasised by a design capable of eliciting new emotions every day.

Marina adds: As in the past, for the 2021 novelties, retailers will have an opportunity to rely upon the storytelling of the new collections: each Tait collection has a story to tell, drawing attention and emotionality to the point of sale. The creativity outside the box and the impact of colours are going along with the offline and online communication visuals that Tait will make available to all its retail customers. Actually, in addition to traditional visual and emotional communication tools, retailers increasingly need support from digital platforms: today more than ever the store’s promotional activity does not end up in the store.”


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