Utopia adds to Barista range

Three new colourways have been added to Utopia’s Barista line of teapots, mugs and creamers – designed exclusively for the company with the professional in mind.

Made from porcelain, this collection offers perfectly balanced, specialised shapes. Three brand new colours of mocha, red and cream have been added to the range, making eight colourways available in total.

Barista 45cl teapots will appeal to the discerning tea drinker. The removable metal strainer is perfect for loose leaf tea, allowing the drinker to control the strength of the brew. The simple curved shape brings the infusion to life and is easy to clean.

Barista mugs are equally suitable for tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Their comfortable shape keeps the beverage warm. With a generous-sized handle and 42cl capacity they are easy to hold and hug.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022



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