Designed specifically with the hospitality industry in mind, Sambonet’s Diamond collection is a remarkably innovative enhancement for table settings.

In typical Sambonet form, the company has paired ingenuity with style – Diamond is a treatment which aims to halt the formation of scratches, giving products a vibrant, shiny and fresh aesthetic.

Importantly, the Diamond collection hosts a variety of finishes, with the company keeping in mind the need for options when it comes to place settings – the new finishes are paired with some of the company’s best-selling designs.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

While Flat Diamond is perfect for extremely minimalist arrangements, the elegance of Filet Toiras White Gold Diamond meets more sophisticated tastes, oriented towards a reworking of the classic. For design tables or tables that call for simplicity and smoothness, Hannah Red Gold Diamond combines sleek lines with the warmth of this special colour.

Moreover, new lines of Sphera and Avenue backplates are also available – also boasting the new finishes, in keeping with the cutlery lines.


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