Ginori 1735 has unveiled exquisite new vases in the Perroquets Collection. Available in two heights – 15cm and 20cm – the eminently desirable pieces showcase Ginori 1735’s enormous depth of collection variety, perfectly evoking nature at its most unspoilt.

Available to preview at the Ginori 1735 flagship stores in Florence and Milan, in the Harrods corner in London and on, the new Perroquets vases reinterpret the containers used for the coloured soils and powders in the laboratory of the Ginori workshop in a contemporary key.

There are six different subjects in the vase assortment – Le Lori Ecaillé, Varieté du Perroquet Maipouri, La Perruche Souffré, Le Perroquet Cendré, L’Ara Noir à Trompe and L’Ara Gris à Trompe.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

The company reveals: “With the Perroquets collection, Ginori 1735 decodes a vital energy that is expressed in the extraordinary colours of the plumage of the parrots, inspired by the botanical folios of the manuscripts in the historic archive of the Ginori workshop. Each parrot is the result of a refined inking process on a silk frame, which, through an extraordinary game of overlapping, enriches itself with tones and colours of rare beauty. Created in white ceramic, each vase is a unique piece, entirely formed and decorated by hand through different airbrush, tracing and threading techniques.”


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