With dark nights encroaching and leaves firmly falling from the trees, Porcel is dressing our tablescapes to fit the seasons with their breathtaking Lush Forest and Tuareg collections – both taking inspiration from nature.

Lush Forest

The Lush Forest collection features an intense dark blue and deep green glaze delivering a sophisticated approach to earthen table trends.

Equally inspired by nature, raw and organic approach, perfect for tables this autumn and winter, Porcel brings us Tuareg, a fusion of shades of earth reactive glaze and decorated exclusively by hand which turns each piece one-of-a-kind.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

Both collections are brush gilded with gold, each surface is similar yet unique due to the hand-applied decoration. Patterns are randomly determined during the firing process in the kiln turning it distinct in colour, in texture and offering a visual and tactile experience, becoming the perfect canvas for a sublime table setting.

Porcel challenges customers to be bold in their table settings and mix and match these luxurious glazes with thin lines and delicate designs for unique and stylish tables.

Both Lush Forest and Tuareg are designed by Porcel Studio.



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