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41 Madison Preview: Kosta Boda

As the New York Tabletop Show at 41 Madison takes place, we bring you some highlights from exhibitors.


Septum by Mattias Stenberg will be showcased by Kosta Boda at 41 Madison. The outer shapes of the vases are simple and smooth, but inside there is an irregularity and playfulness that makes every single vase a unique individual. It was this notion of a vibrancy and a “structure” within the outer walls of the glass that triggered the idea of the Septum vases.

Meanwhile, Contrast isan artsy and expressive collection by Anna Ehrner. Choose between bowls, a dish and a vase in different colours. The coloured veils and bars inside the glass have become of a signature for Anna. Now also available in grey.

See them on Floor 9


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