Mepra launches new antibacterial treatment for products

Mepra has introduced antibacterial nanotechnology treatment. Pictured is the Atena collection.

Mepra has announced a new product development – antibacterial nanotechnology treatment.

The company says that after five years of research, they are now in a position to bring antibacterial flatware and holloware to market.

The new advancement is based on the company’s PVD technology, which it first developed in 2008. Mepra says the treatment has the capacity to “not only to block the bacteria proliferation on surfaces but also to kill the bacteria on the surface of the flatware.”

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022
Linea is one of the collections with antibacterial nanotechnology treatment.

Describing the antibacterial nanotechnology treatment, Mepra explains: “The antibacterial ions form clusters (nano-inclusions) inside the complex architecture of the multilayer coating.
These clusters release the antibacterial ions on the surface of the piece, destroying the bacterial cell membrane by blocking its nutrition and interrupting the cell division cycle.
Thanks to the innovative production processes the Antibacterial Nanotechnology Treatment is able not only to completely inhibit the growth of bacteria but also to eliminate them, guaranteeing a durable and perfectly hygienic surface.”

The treatment is available for both stainless steel and PVD products with three finishes available – mirror, ice and pewter – initially in Mepra’s Atena, Brescia and Linea flatwear collections.

Mepra says products are now available in the independent retail stores and online with plans to soon appear in the hospitality industry.


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