Nikko's historic Sansui collection has been updated.

Nikko has given its historic Sansui collection a fresh update. The collection, first designed in 1915, has remained steadfastly in vogue for the past 105 years, becoming one of Nikko’s longest-selling assortments.

Previously the collection has been made using sheet copper decoration on ironstone china. Now, it has been newly released with its decorations applied to pure white fine bone china using Nikko’s advanced paper transfer technology.

The collection was first designed in 1915.

With these advancements in production, Nikko says Sansui has been enhanced, now boasting pure white surfaces with more delicate motifs, the collection is also stronger making it suitable for commercial use while retaining its original charm.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022
Nikko’s advanced paper transfer technology is now used to apply the motifs.

Interestingly, the “willow pattern” on Sansui is a motif of an ancient Chinese love story. A rich man’s daughter and a young servant fell into an unpermitted love, and attempted to run away together. However, they were caught. Unable to be together in this world, the two became birds and vowed eternal love. The illustration, named “hiyokurenri”, symbolises a man and woman’s harmonious relationship.


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