Stefanie Hering highlights ‘mindfulness in design’ with new show

Stefanie Hering will host an event highlighting mindful design with fashion brand ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR. Portrait Stefanie Hering: @Kiki Kausch

Has partnered with ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR for event

Stefanie Hering of Hering Berling has partnered with fashion designer ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR for a new show which centres on both creators’ mindful approach to design.

The event, Mindful Design, runs from 10 to 13 September at Berlin venue P98 as part of Gallery Weekend Berlin.

Design always expresses an attitude – whether in porcelain by Stefanie Hering or in fabric by ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR. The designers have selected their MasterPieces which expresses their philosophy of mindfulness in design with the highest creative quality and a comprehensible, pure manufactory production by hand.

Founder Aleksandra Jagdfeld with coat creations ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR

 “Porcelain and fabric are materials that could hardly be more different. The softness of the textiles is in clear contrast to the hardness of the repeatedly fired porcelain. The points of contact that make this show so exciting lie in the close relationship between the working methods in both areas,” says Stefanie.
The famed Chapan coats by ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR as well as the porcelain objects by Stefanie Hering testify to the virtuoso handling of the highest quality working materials. Each of the pieces captivates by its unique character and is elaborately handcrafted – whether in Stefanie Hering’s Thuringian manufactory or in ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR’s tailor shop using Uzbek ikat weaving techniques.

The interplay of the exhibition unfolds an exciting visual dialogue between the masterpieces of porcelain and textiles.

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