Steelite encourages hospitality back to business

Steelite recently produced a 'Back to business' guide for the industry.

Steelite recently published a comprehensive back to business guide for the hospitality sector, encouraging safe working practices.

‘Back to business, back to the table’ is “a guide to creating a safe dining experience with expert insights from hospitality professionals”.

The company is supporting a #DineSafe campaign which is being spearheaded by the British Ceramic Confederation highlighting the hygiene benefits of using ceramic tableware. In ‘Back to business’, Steelite points out that the campaign is hinged on Spanish guidance which warns against serving food on chipped or cracked dishes or utensils as they can harbour bacteria.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

Featuring quotes from chefs and hospitality industry voices, the report is a comprehensive guide as to why choosing, and investing in, homegrown ceramic tableware and supporting the industry is a solid option.

Read the guide here.


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