Send your editorial for September’s Tableware International

Copy deadline is approaching for the next issue of Tableware International.

We are really interested in hearing about any new/fresh launches you may have or failing that, given everything that has happened, what are you pushing to retailers? We have a myriad of ways to incorporate products in the magazine and online.

Editorial focus

  • Gift-ready tableware: Anything that comes pre-packaged ready to be gifted. 100/150 words and images.
  • Metalware: Anything made of or combined with metal – aka wood and metal etc. 100/150 words and images
  • Handcrafted: Pieces with a hand-made element. 100/150 words and images.
  • Christmas tabletop: Your Christmas collections unveiled. 100/150 words and images.

Trend pages

Tie-dye is back in vogue so I’m looking for pieces with gradient of colour (blending/swirling/tie-dye effects – essentially two or more colour combinations in a piece). Please supply a hi-res image and a few words describing the collection.

Rich deep colours – reds, blacks, deep green, purples, golds etc. If you have products in darker colours please supply hi-res images and a few words describing the collection


New products for retail: Anything new/fresh for 2020 which has not been featured in the magazine before.

New products for hospitality: Anything new/fresh for 2020 which has not been featured in the magazine before.

The Chef’s Table: Your products being used in action – please supply an image of your plates/glasses/flatware being used in global restaurants and give details about the collection/ which restaurant it is used in. If you can also add a quote from the chef about why they used the collection, please do!

Please supply your free editorial submissions to Mairead – (dealine has been extended to 14 August 2020) and contact Paul Yeomans for all advertising queries.