Introducing Eli – inspired by Japan

Eli is the latest tableware collection from Broste Copenhagen.

New collection from Broste Copenhagen

Taking its inspiration from minimalist Japanese aesthetic, Eli is the latest tableware collection from Broste Copenhagen.

Boasting five different coloured glazes, the collection is characterised by round edges and soft shades.

The collection has been inspired by a Japanese aesthetic.

Consisting five ceramic items; two cups with or without handles, a small jug, a bowl and a rectangular plate, Eli’s five coloured glazes help give the collection a playful touch with the reactive glaze creating an organic feel that ensures no two items are exactly alike. 

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

The company adds: “Only the soft blue has a glossy glaze – reflecting light and adding vivid accents to the surfaces. The matte finish of the other items is unreflective and opaque, and has a subtle texture to its surface that is reminiscent of natural stone.”


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