Fine dining for dogs

Christofle has created Royal Jack, a new collection for dog – dinnerwear included!

Christofle introduces new collection… for your four-legged friends

French luxury brand Christofle is about to turn fine dining on its head… introducing a collection of accessories for our beloved canines.

Royal Jack – which launches worldwide in September at Christofle boutiques and online – is the first canine collection for the brand and includes a deliciously decadent bowl for our most adored pooches.

Royal Jack includes a collar, leash and name tag.

The silver-plated double bowl is adorned with Christofle’s signature goldsmith’s crown, fitting for the most prized of pooches, so while you dine on your finest tableware, so too can your dog.

Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2022

The Royal Jack collection also includes a leash, collar and name tag.

*Adorable dog not included.


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