Studio William calls on tableware industry to help NHS Protective Clothing Campaign

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Drive to help protect frontline health workers by providing supplies

Studio William has called on fellow industry manufacturers to help protect frontline workers by donating protective clothing and equipment which you may have in your businesses.

As little as two or three pieces will make a difference in protecting the UK’s NHS workers who are desperately struggling with a lack of protective gear as they continue the daily battle against Covid-19.

“These frontline people are simply epic and heroes, facing the onslaught of COVID-19 daily, with little to no protective gear. Many catching COVID-19 because they are simply not protected, as many of you already know. We can help together, any small quantities of the listed items are needed, please be kind and send to the frontline to help these heroes,” urged William Welch of Studio William.

“These frontline people are simply epic and heroes, facing the onslaught of COVID-19 daily, with little to no protective gear. Many catching COVID-19 because they are simply not protected.”

“Donating supplies is easy – simply visit, click on Donate Supplies, follow the steps to the lists of items the organisation is looking to source for help, select the items/materials you can help supply and complete checkout. MedSupplyDrive can collect from you or as we have done, we have shipped to a specific medical institution designated by them in need. The location our FFP3 N95 Face Masks have been sent to is The Medical Centre at Barking London, anything you can do to help please help thank you so much!” William added.

On top of their work for MedSupplyDrive, Studio William is also involved in another initiative.  “We have a secondary support program in action, where we have more than 70 volunteers at home on sewing machines, stitching medical “scrubs” (the blue protective clothing the health workers wear),” explained William. “We have raised over GBP £7,500 to help us buy the fabric for making the scrubs. Currently the £7,500 is enough for us to make nearly 1,000 scrubs and we are well one the way to finishing these, anyone who is interested in helping donate any amount, please email we would love to hear from you!”

Who is MedSupplyDrive?
Medical Supply Drive UK is an organisation run by NHS doctors, medical students and individuals who are concerned about the interest of NHS frontline healthcare workers with inadequate PPE and other protective personal equipment. We aim to coordinate supply of non-essential PPEs from other sources and re-direct them to the NHS frontline staff and other healthcare settings.

NHS MedSupplyDrive are looking for:

• Surgical masks
• Type IIR surgical masks
• FFP3 masks
• FFP2/N95 masks
• Goggles
• Non-latex gloves
• Surgical gowns
• Medical scrubs
• Disposable overalls/aprons
• Disinfectant wipes/spray
• Hand sanitiser
• Tyvek/hazmat/biohazard suit

Other useful materials:
• Acetate sheets (for our 3D printed face shields)

Other specialised items requested:

• Powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) hoods

They CANNOT accept:

• Used or opened items without its original packaging
• Latex gloves
• Non-alcohol based hand sanitiser
• Hand-sewn surgical masks
• Non-conforming safety glasses (needs to cover the eyes in its entirety)
• Goggles (with fabric)


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