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Let’s talk about… upcycled ceramics

Melody Rose’s Melanie Roseveare talks to Tableware International about her love of breathing new life into vintage ceramics

Melanie Roseveare is a designer who is clearly beyond passionate about ceramics – in all its shapes and forms.

So much so that she created the Melody Rose Upcycled Collection in 2011 – it combines two things, her love of vintage china and an urge to be more eco-friendly.
Melanie makes each upcycled batch in small numbers, or just as one offs, which are available via her website.
Each piece has been rethought, reimagined, redesigned – given a new lease of life by Melanie before being refired in the kiln at over 850 degrees. And while they are entirely beautiful to look at – they are also completely functional, designed to be used every day.
“The work focuses on marrying the unexpected with the traditional; images that shock and please in equal measure; pretty vintage Victoriana china with tantalising imagery, the juxtaposition of quaint and quirky,” Melanie explains.

See some of the collection by visiting https://melodyrose.co.uk .

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